Industry Challenges

Patient Classification

Without proper front end classification, the account is assured to have a direct path to self pay.

Insurance Laws

This is a very complex and confusing area. Patients and providers frequently struggle to sort out the proper application of insurance laws.

Obtaining Proper Insurance Information

Given the tumultuous nature of MVAs & WCs, obtaining insurance and accident information can be extraordinarily difficult.

Manual Claim Submission

In today's technology driven era, the auto insurance industry still requires that claims be processed on paper. It's a cumbersome process that demands extensive labor hours and continuous follow up.

Lack of Patient Cooperation

Once patients leave the hospital, they are frequently warned about discussing accident details with anyone.


Liens are a complex process, but still offer a unique advantage to providers. However, they are frequently filed improperly or are under-utilized as a means of revenue recovery.

Our Solutions

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Workers Comp