Industry Challenges

Patient Classification

Without proper front end classification, the account is assured to have a direct path to self pay.

Manual Claim Submission

In today's technology driven era, the auto insurance industry still requires that claims be processed on paper. It's a cumbersome process that demands extensive labor hours and continuous follow up.

Insurance Laws

This is a very complex and confusing area. Patients and providers frequently struggle to sort out the proper application of insurance laws.

Obtaining Proper Insurance Information

Given the tumultuous nature of MVAs & WCs, obtaining insurance and accident information can be extraordinarily difficult.


Liens are a complex process, but still offer a unique advantage to providers. However, they are frequently filed improperly or are under-utilized as a means of revenue recovery.

Lack of Patient Cooperation

Once patients leave the hospital, they are frequently warned about discussing accident details with anyone.

Our Solutions

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Workers Comp