Navigating the Road to Complex Claims Recovery

Maximize Your Claim Reimbursement

We focus on aiding your patients, while ensuring we recover the highest reimbursement from insurance companies.

Motor Vehicle Accident

ACI’s account management solution overcomes the challenges associated with confusing accident accounts.

Workers’ Compensation

ACI’s model simplifies the management of Workers’ Compensation accounts and speeds up processing.

Other Services

ACI provides additional services, including General Liability & applicable Healthcare management.

We provide on-site staff to identify motor vehicle and workers’ compensation accident patients who have presented to the Emergency Department.

More Trust & Transparency

Being onsite we are able to make more connections with your patients and your staff.

Better Patient Satisfaction

We provide support and coordination to assist your patients through this complex process.

Real-Time Information &
Coordination of Benefits

We’re onsite to allow real-time information in order to expedite the claims process.

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