Accelerate Your Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

With the AccelClaims Workflow Process™, our clients realize more reimbursement with greater patient satisfaction.

We Are Your On-site Complex Claims Partner

ACI’s account management solution helps our clients and patients overcome the challenges of confusing and complex motor vehicle accident accounts. The AccelClaims Workflow Process™ on-site model allows us to provide a seamless solution to meet with patients who present to the hospital’s emergency department. 

Full-Service, On-site Claims Management

Identify MVA Accounts and Obtain Correct Patient Classification

When our on-site staff meets with patients who present to our clients’ emergency department, we are more likely to receive accurate and timely information, which results in quicker reimbursement for the hospital.

Coordination of Benefits

Obtaining insurance and accident information can be extraordinarily difficult. Our staff ensures coordination of all possible insurance benefits for the hospital and patient.

Reallocation of Resources

Hospitals now have the ability to focus their staff to other critical areas of responsibility.

We Minimize Your Self-pay and Bad Debt

Our clients realize significant reimbursement increases which effectively reduce selfpay and bad debt.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Processes

ACI utilizes proprietary processes which include AccelClaims Search, pricing estimation and electronic billing service.

Develop Goodwill with Patients

ACI’s staff works to increase the patient’s understanding of this complicated process, so they know what to expect during this challenging time. Our experience shows that patients are more likely to cooperate once they understand how the process works and their role in the process.

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