Other Services Offered

ACI provides additional services, including General Liability and applicable Healthcare billing and reimbursement for complex claims.

We Are Your On-site Complex Claims Partner

We have trained, dedicated teams who have the ability to provide additional services to address your specific needs.

General Liability and Healthcare Solutions

ACI offers General Liability and Healthcare solutions that enable our clients to maximize reimbursement.

We Help Clients and Patients with Personal Injury Challenges

We use our AccelClaims Workflow Process™ on-site model to help overcome our clients’ challenges and those of their patients who have sustained a personal injury on private or commercial property.

Healthcare Complete Claims Management

Upon receipt of a claim, we will work to determine the appropriate payers to maximize reimbursement. Our team ensures a seamless process between different payers through ACI’s Coordination of Benefits. ACI will then bill the healthcare balance to the healthcare carrier or government payer.

Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management

ACI will provide complete accounts management to healthcare payers and diligently perform routine accounts receivable follow-up until the account is paid and/or denied. ACI will close and return for any self-pay or bad debt efforts.

Healthcare Claim Denials and Appeals

Our team will appeal denials, including line items, to obtain maximum payment. We collaborate with your hospital staff to ensure correct account review and to obtain necessary information for appeals. ACI has many clients who take advantage of our healthcare reimbursement services for complex claims.

Accounts are closed/returned with zero balance or minimum self-pay balance.

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